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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

[Posted Tuesday, January 19, 2016]


Read the last Astrology Brain Dump™ posting called, Where To Find Money In Your Natal Chart

It's been 7 months now since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for POTUS (President of the United States) and now we can probably, safely, take him more seriously. Since Donald Trump has his Sun sign in Gemini, along with his North Node in Gemini and Uranus in Gemini all snuggled tightly together in his 10th house of career, many astrologers (myself included) were likely waiting for him to change his mind. After all, Donald is a Gemini (an air sign) and we Gemini's (myself included) do tend to get bored and unamused rather quickly resulting in our mind changing faster than the wind. Uranus is the planet of rebellion hellion and a sudden change in circumstance. Gemini's are professionals at throwing wrenches in the cogwheels of the status quo or a process that needs to be changed, so to have his Uranus seated in the 10th house, we can expect the unexpected in his public image and rank in society. Donald Trump is a Leo Rising with a Mars in Leo, which means he has the guts, stamina and strength to put up and shut others up. It's well-known in the land of astrology, if you want a mountain moved, you call a Leo. Donald Trump is most definitely brave and crazy, and I mean this in a 'throwing wrenches' sort of way. He is brave because of his Leo Rising along with Mars in Leo and crazy because of his Gemini Sun, North Node in Gemini and Uranus in Gemini brainiac sandwich in his 10th house of public image and persona.

If you understand where a Gemini is coming from, perhaps you will understand 'The Donald' a bit more. Now folks, this explanation is in no way an endorsement. I don't publically endorse candidates for the presidency. Are you kidding? That could cost me visitors to my site. We Gemini's may be crazy but we sure as hell aren't stupid. No matter what I write about the candidates over the next 11 months, it will appear as though I like them and don't like them. I will only be writing about the candidates from an astrological standpoint. If you are wondering, yes I do use astrology to pick the candidate of my choice, who matches my values and the issues that I believe are important to not only Americans, but to the planet as well.

Gemini is the master communicator of the zodiac and they are listeners. This does not mean that Gemini is talking all the time. Certainly Gemini can talk non-stop without taking a breath, but Gemini can also sit there and not say one single word and just listen. Gemini knows that great communication also involves listening. In fact, when a Gemini is quiet LOOKOUT! because you can literally see the cogwheels churning in their mind. Have you watched Donald Trump in a debate? He can stand there quietly smiling, nodding, pursing his lips and shrugging his shoulders without interrupting. Gemini rules body language, so not only do they use a massive amount of body language, they will read your body language and use it against you if they need to. It's funny because as a Gemini myself, I am a body language expert and I can read a person without them having even open their mouth. In a debate you can see Donald hanging on every single word that is being said and you can see the cogwheels churning in his brain. He heard you and he's loading his weapon, which for Gemini is the mind. Gemini rules the brain, the mind and mental abilities. Gemini does not need or require every single second of the day taken up with noisy sounds or words. Gemini is fully capable of comfortable silence even though their mind is crankin' out thoughts a mile a minute. If you want to bore the hell out of a Gemini, talk nonsense because that will just be noise to them. If you are rattling on and on then they have already tuned you out and they are nano-seconds from walking away. No one enjoys the sound of their own thoughts more than a Gemini. Remember, somewhere in your chart, YOU ARE like a Gemini. [More . . .]

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Gemini is like the Visa tagline, "It's everywhere you want to be and more." Gemini naturally rules travel and transportation more on a local level, than on a global level. Gemini's are not known for traveling abroad, that is Sagittarius their opposite sign. Not only is Donald a Gemini, he is a North Node Gemini. He also has Venus in Cancer. This man most definitely LOVES his country, his homeland and his family. When he says that he wants to make America great again, you can believe it. He also has Saturn in Cancer, so he is taking the protection and success of his home and family very seriously. He is taking his candidacy personally. He does feel responsible and he will be responsible in the protection of his home, family and homeland. With a North Node Gemini (local land and travel) and his South Node in Sagittarius (global affairs and travel) naturally he is going to be so much better at domestic affairs, than he will be in foreign affairs. If he's smart, which I do believe he is, he will put in place the most insanely smart and talented people to make up for this hole in his chart. Keep in mind folks, all of the candidates have a South Node that they will need to compensate for through their cabinet and staffer choices. His South Node in Sagittarius conjunct his Moon in Sagittarius does explain why he suffers from 'foot in the mouth syndrome' or 'hoof in the mouth syndrome'. Sagittarius is ruled by the centaur, which is half man and half horse. Open mouth, insert hoof.

Donald does have his Sun in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra. Whenever you see a trine between the Sun and Jupiter, this person will ALWAYS land on their feet. ALWAYS! This is a very lucky placement personally and professionally. This also explains his healthy, hefty and gigantic ego.

Gemini is the sales rep of the zodiac. That's because Gemini rules communication and transportation, so when you combine the two, you get a sales rep, here there and everywhere. Gemini is the traveling salesman. No other sign can juggle 12 projects at once quite like a Gemini. In fact, most Gemini's really can juggle. Problems arise for Gemini when they don't have enough to do, then boredom sets in and nothing will get done and that's usually when Gemini gets into trouble. Gemini's Love puzzles, brain teasers and mind wrestles.

Gemini is flirty, flighty and fiesty, which is very playful and silly. Gemini is a very young sign who doesn't really want any trouble but will rock the boat AND tip it over if they are bored or if nothing is happening. A bored Gemini is sitting in the boat with one hand on each side rocking back and forth getting you all wet. In fact, you are getting soaked. Nothing will stay the same once Gemini has entered the picture and that you can count on. Donald Trump has changed the dialogue in this bid for the White House and has forced many issues to the forefront. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree how he has done it, my job is to point out the astrology to you. He is fulfilling his role as a Gemini, North Node Gemini, Uranus in Gemini native. This writing is not to argue or debate with you about what he is doing or saying, this writing is intended to help you understand the astrology.

Gemini's are known for having a split personality, which can certainly show up from one extreme to the other. As for me, my 12 year-old grandson calls me "Granny" and he calls the other me, "HER!" It's hilarious. He knows nothing about astrology but gets that he has two grannies all rolled into one. You can best believe that Donald Trump has two completely different personalities as well. You could argue that we all have two people living inside of ourselves because each sign has its share of duality -- Leo, the lion and the kitten -- Pisces, the two fishes -- Libra, the two scales -- Taurus, the bull and the cow. When it comes to Gemini, their counterpart really is their evil twin. Eeeeeeek! I can say this is true for myself and the more a Gemini is aware of it, the more Gemini can squash the energy like a bug.

Gemini is -- Yes/No. Hot/Cold. Vanilla/Chocolate. Black/White. Male/Female. In/Out. Up/Down. Go/Stop. Hard/Soft. Fast/Slow. In other words, Gemini is very extreme. Gemini either is or it isn't. There is no gray area or 'it depends'. You either are or you aren't. Gemini knows more than any other sign, there is no try because you either will or you will not. For Donald Trump, he admits that if he does not win, then he will be a loser. There is no in-between with Gemini.

Back to the beginning of whether or not Donald Trump will suddenly do an about-face and change his mind with respect to running for POTUS. Folks, I believe he already did this about-face and changed his mind. Donald Trump has pretended, toyed with the idea and threatened to run for POTUS many many times. In 1988, 2000, 2004 and 2008 Donald has entertained the idea and changed his mind. In June 2015 he decided to go ahead and run but I honestly believe he was just doing this to get change to occur, to rock the boat so to speak and get us soaking wet. He wanted to get conversation started. Donald wanted people to talk, not argue. Donald has Jupiter in Libra, he really isn't looking for a fight. He's a professional negotiator (Jupiter in Libra) and he's looking for a win/win situation. That's what he really wants. He's looking for people to talk. His Mars in Leo and Leo Rising will take off the gloves and come out swinging when provoked (like a cat). That's Gemini's job, to provoke and invoke thought. He wanted to blow the cobwebs out of our brains and get us cheering for America again (his Venus in Cancer). I believe that he already had a sudden change of heart and chose to stay in the race. He could have thought of a million and one half dozen ways to get out of the race by now, but I believe he had a sudden change of circumstance.

This will not be my only writing on Donald Trump, for now I just want you to wrap your brain around this Gemini energy. The man has an enormous amount of energy and I'll bet he sleeps very little. That's his Mars in Leo, which is the kind of energy that boxers want. Mars in Leo energy is so powerful that it can kill someone with one punch. Mars in Leo is so physically strong that it can put a couch on its back and walk up a flight up stairs. I always tell my Mars in Leo clients to NEVER hit anyone because it could be a knock out blow that severely injures the other party or kills them. When anyone asks where I get all of my energy, I always say, "MARS IN LEO BABY!" Mars in Leo is brave, it will not back down, and it will not take no for an answer. Imagine now his expanded energy in negotiating (Jupiter in Libra) coupled with Mars in Leo (profound energy) along with his Venus in Cancer (Love of the homeland and family). His Jupiter in Libra sure could make up for that South Node in Sagittarius (foreign affairs) since Jupiter natually rules Sagittarius (the sign of global affairs). Wow, what a placement with his Sun trine Jupiter. Wow Wee! Love him or despise him, there is no hope and change with this man . . . only change! Stay Astrologized™.

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
~Dr. Loretta Standley

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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

[Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2016]


Read the last Astrology Brain Dump™ posting called, Out With The Old, In With The New

It sure is a great day to win the Powerball™. When I do chart readings I always ask for the top three things the individual would like me to enLighten them on about their chart. The top three things are always money, Love and career in pretty much that order.

The first place you want to look for money is your 2nd house. The 2nd house on the chart wheel reflects your morals and values, which in turn dictates your self-worth. Your self-worth will then dicate the opinion you have of yourself. That opinion or degree of favorability you have for yourself will then dictate what you surround yourself with including personal possessions and physical comforts. These personal belongings will dictate your earned income and the salary or hourly wage you agree to in order to obtain those personal possessions. When I read a chart, I look at the 2nd house cusp and its inhabitants (planets) to see how an individual handles money and how easy or hard it is to earn money. The house cusp will tell whether the individual is tighter than bark on a tree, if money slips right through their fingers, or if money falls through an invisible hole in their pocket. The 2nd house will also tell me if an individual is better off working for themselves, for someone else, a small business, a non-profit or a large company. Afflictions to this 2nd house and its inhabitants, such as hard aspects (squares, oppositions, quincunxes) may explain why money is so hard to master. The South Node in this 2nd house will look just like a hole in one's pocket. No matter how much money is put into their pocket, the money just falls right through. If there are any afflictions in this 2nd house or a South Node to this 2nd house, then you will need to look at the opposite house (8th house) to see if money will then come to you through the partner, spouse or other people's money. [More . . . ]

The 8th house is the opposite of the 2nd house. If the 2nd house is your money, then the opposite house takes it to the next level, which would be your partner's money or money that comes to you through other people. This 8th house is where money can come to you through inheritance, wills, insurance, the spouse's money, the partner's money, the business partner's money, windfalls, bank, loans, mortgages, student loans, alimony, through the collection of debts, dowries, pensions, joint finances shared with someone else, wills, outcome of lawsuits, interest rates, dividends, money gained through the deceased but not necessarily coming through a will or as a beneficiary, taxes, treasuries and trusts. Afflictions to this 8th house and its inhabitants, such as hard aspects (squares, oppositions, quincunxes) may explain why money is so hard to share or obtain money that is owed. The South Node in this 8th house will look just like a hole in one's pocket. No matter how much money is put into their pocket, the money just falls right through and you never see a dime what is owed to you. If there are any afflictions in this 8th house or a South Node to this 8th house, then you will need to look at the opposite house (2nd house) to see if money is coming to you through earned income, which is money that you make through your own efforts.

The 5th house is the house that rules gambling, gamblers, lottery, lottery wheels, lottery equipment, chance, professional games of chance, games of chance, betting, bets, entertainment, horse racing, raffles, roulette, roulette wheels, speculation, financial speculation, sports, sporting events, stockbroking, stock brokers and wagers. So you see my dear little mentators, there is a very Good reason why I'm always on Leo's to buy lottery tickets when there is a Sagittarian Moon because it would hit this 5th house that Leo naturally rules. Leo's and Sagittarian's are naturally freakin' LUCKY and I would really Love to know the birth date of the billion dollar Powerball™ winner. You don't have to be a Leo or Sagittarius to win because there are all kinds of ways in the natal chart that money can and will find its way into your pocket. Whether you can hold on to that money is another story.

The 12th house is the house that rules money that you can't quite see, but it is there such as; unemployment, charity, charities, confidential places, welfare, relief organizations, silent business deals, money and the finances of friends, money and finances of organizations, money and finances of VIPs, donations, donors, retirement, secret societies, money and finances of the son-in-law and step-siblings money. Afflictions to this 12th house and its inhabitants, such as hard aspects (squares, oppositions, quincunxes) may explain why money is so hard to get unemployment, welfare or a donation. Maybe you have to earn it yourself (2nd house) or maybe money is supposed to come to you through the parter or spouse (8th house). The South Node in this 12th house will look just like a hole in one's pocket. No matter how much money is put into their pocket, the money just falls right through and you never see a dime give to you for nothing. If there are any afflictions in this 12th house or a South Node to this 12th house, then you will need to look at the opposite house (6th house) to see if money is coming to you through your own daily grind, routine, regimen and work ethic.

There are money planets simply because they rule the sign that rules a money house. Venus naturally rules Taurus, which naturally rules the 2nd house. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, which naturally rules the 8th house. Pluto is the modern day ruler of Scorpio. Jupiter is the abundant, expansive and lucky planet, that naturally rules Sagittarius and the 9th house of ambitions, goals, dreams, visions, optimistic and luck. Leo is the sign that rules the 5th house of gambling. Saturn tightens, limits, constricts and restricts, while Jupiter expands, balloons, increases and enlarges.

So you see folks, there are many places to find money in your chart. Money is all over the place in every single chart. You just have to know what will work for you and what will not. Maybe you have to work for your money and maybe you can stay at home and support your partner. Maybe you will marry into money and maybe you will invent something and reap royalties. Maybe you will settle for welfare and food stamps. The chart always provides many ways for you to make or create money. If you have planets or houses that have afflictions to them, then stop trying to drive a round peg into a square hole and look for the money elsewhere.

When it comes to the Powerball™ tonight, it will be interesting to see just how many people win and how each person handles the energy according to their own chart. Those questions may never be answered, and if they are answered, it will not be until much later down the road. Read your natal chart, and get used to the idea of how money is supposed to find its way to you. The more you understand this energy, the easier it will be to obtain the energy and hold on to it. Stay Astrologized™.

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"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
~Dr. Loretta Standley

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