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Research on crystals & gemstones -

Since we have crystalline structures in our brain, why wouldn't our bodies react to crystals?

I have not found any research that says crystals and gemstones for therapeutic uses is an exact science, although there is some scientific textbook information that speaks of crystalline structures in the brain. For that reason alone, I am a firm believer. Scientists have absolutely no clue as to why these tiny crystalline structures exist in our brains but they are there. These structures are situated in the brain and were discovered through the use of an electron microscope.

Most holistic practitioners who use crystals and gemstones will only use the highest quality stones available. They are passionate about gems and natural stones and are quite sensitive to their raw characteristics. High quality gemstone are stones that have 'not' been dyed, irradiated to intensify the color and they have no chips, cracks or fractures.

So why do some practitioners only use round stones?

You may find some practitioners will only use round stones during your therapy. I have not found any reason for only using round stones as opposed to triangular, square, or pointed stones unless there is a safety issue with sharp edges or that the energy may be considered aggressive like a sharp edge in Feng Shui is considered aggressive. I have read where non-rounded gems and stones may have different effects. In my opinion, if a stone is pure in its natural chemical property then it should do the required job regardless of his shape, texture or contour.

Can I choose my own stone?

You can choose a stone that resonates with your spirit. Discover the stones for yourself and find out what makes you smile, or where you see the beauty. Some people will keep a stone with them for about a week, even while sleeping to see if it enhances any certain area of their life.

All stones should be cleaned after each use to disperse and clear any collected energy. Also, you or the gemstone therapist may choose to muscle test to see if a particular gemstone is right for you.

Ask yourself a few questions -

Pay attention to your moods and emotions, your dreams and interactions with others. Have you had any more insight than usual? Trust your own intuition and pose a question about what you are trying to accomplish before spending the week with a particular stone. Let your conscious be your guide.

The 7 Color Rays -

Some gemstone therapists use stones in chakra balancing that support a particular chakra, which may be able to enhance healing on many different levels. The chakras represent all seven color rays on the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


Blue Adventurine
Green Adventurine
Cape Amethyst
Green Fluorite
Purple Rainbow Fluorite
Leopardskin Jasper
Mahogany Obsidian
Grey Moonstone
Orange Moonstone
White Moonstone
Moss Agate
Mother of Pearl
Black Obsidian
Black Onyx
Mexican Onyx
Black Opal
Fresh Water Pearl
Poppy Jasper
Frosted Quartz
Rose Quartz
Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline
Tree Agate


This stone is said to improve self-confidence and self-worth.

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Sometimes life can deal you a crushing blow, making our burdens feel heavy and unbearable. Amber allows happiness to enter and lift those burdens.

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Many people where an amethyst when they are having spiritual difficulties or where it during prayer or meditation. It is said to carry the color ray, purple. A gemstone therapist may place this stone around the stomach or liver areas.

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Need to enhance communication? This stone is often worn by those who feel misunderstood or by those who want to communicate more effectively. The gemstone therapist may use this stone while working with a virus.

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This is sometimes considered a grieving stone. It radiates love, mercy and understanding. Holding, wearing or staring at the stone can give peace while meditating on the ocean.

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This stone is used to clear congestion, enhance circulation and move energy in the body where there is stagnation of chi'. This stone can stir up a lot of relief.

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The stone may be used for any type of physical healing. A gemstone therapist may place this stone where healing is needed the most. They say Transparent Aventurine is extremely powerful, however an immature Transparent Adventurine may fade.

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This stone has been used for those with arthritis. It is commonly wrapped around the aching joint to promote balance and clear energy blockages. It is also said to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Some practitioners may use this stone on specific acupuncture points to clear stagnated chi'.

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This stone is said to carry the color ray orange. It stimulates the mental and creative processes. It is also used for asthma, allergies and respiratory complaints.

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Here is a stone that a gemstone therapist might recommend for protection. This stone allows is said to facilitate working with the inner self to help deal with external influences. If you are nervous in a crowd, try this stone.

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A gemstone therapist may use this stone to balance the body, for structural support and to give a feeling of being uplifted. Citrine represents the color ray yellow.

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Sometimes our emotions can get away from us. The tensions of relationships, career, and finances can be overwhelming at times. Coral has been used to strengthen one's emotional outlook and self-control.

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Some profound insight has been reported with diamond therapy. I think any kind of diamond therapy would make me feel good! A gemstone therapist may choose this stone to increase clarity and vision.

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Some gemstone therapists say this is one of the strongest healing gemstones. It carries the color ray green. It promotes physical and emotional healing. It helps to balance chaos through the internal and external being. Symbol of prosperity promoting awareness and conscious recognition.

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Here's a gemstone for the ladies who are having hormonal imbalances, PMS and going through menopause. Many gemstone therapists find this stone helpful.


Need a bit of change in your life? Need a fire lit under your seat? Try this gemstone to help facilitate movement and remove procrastination.

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For a calming and relaxing gemstone, try Jade. Some gemstone therapists may use this stone on sore muscles or wherever tension is mounting. it is said to promote peace.

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This stone has been used to support the emotions. For some emotional syncronicity, try Kunzite.

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I have a globe in my office made of Lapis and I find it so relaxing and peaceful. I can sit there and think without dozing off. Lapis is said to help the mind understand. It helps to open and expand awareness. Even if the emotions of the heart are running overtime, gemstone therapist says it can balance the mind with the heart.

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As a supportive stone, a gemstone therapist may use this stone to help call in what you need, not necessarily what you want. Therefore, it is a supportive stone.

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Tough decisions are always hard to make. Try this gemstone! A therapist may use this stone for healing gums or mouth disorders.

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This is a harmony stone. Harmony is subjective. Try it during a meditation.

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Being an air sign myself and being a bit lofty, sometimes I need a bit of grounding. This stone is said to bring one back down to Earth and puts you back in your body and promotes a sense of grounding.

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This is a cleansing stone. Gemstone therapists may use this stone to help one accept another stone's energy or power. A particular moonstone is used depending on how much cleansing is needed.

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This is a cleansing stone. Gemstone therapists may use this stone to help one accept another stone's energy or power. It is a comforting stone and said to be not as powerful as the White Moonstone.

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This is also a cleansing stone. Gemstone therapists may use this stone to help one accept another stone's energy or power, by enhancing the effects. It is said to balance the yin and yang.

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Going hiking, fishing, camping or just getting outdoors with nature. This stone is used to enhance nature and working with plants.

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The nurturing and protective feeling of a mother's love is expressed through this stone. Gemstone therapists acknowledge this stone as a great protective stone.

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Here's another grounding stone. Anytime you need grounding, it is a perfect time to get quiet and gain insight. This stone may help. If Aquamarine does not work for you, try Black Obsidian.

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Another grounding stone, it has helped to change bad habits and patterns. Gemstone therapists may use this stone when helping someone quit smoking.

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This stone has been used to help individuals reach a deeper sleep or to develop better sleep patterns.

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Looking for your creative juice and passion. Try a Black Opal. A therapist may also use this stone for bone conditions.

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The possibilities in your life are limitless. This stone enhances awareness and helps uncover your hidden passions.

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This is a Lovely stone. A therapist may choose this stone to help their client feel Lovable and worthy of being Loved. It is used to help see all you have to offer to yourself and others.

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This stone is often used after some energy work has been done. They say it brings the energy back into the body. The therapist is clear that the energy they bring back in is new energy and not the energy that has just been released. They say use with caution because of the bringing in of new energy.

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Need a new and more positive perspective. Try this stone for a change in the mental and emotional scenario.

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This stone has been used for balance and self-control. It is said to be incredibly relaxing and soothing.

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Here is another stone to balance the emotions. It has also been used for communication and expressing the emotions. Some gemstone therapists find that gold on one person or silver on another person may change the way the client reacts to the stone.

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Going on to a deeper emotional level. Rhodonite has been used for emotional support and endurance.

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Change is good, and change is often. This stone may be used to facilitate a change in lifestyle. They say it stimulates confidence, belief and faith while going through desired changes.

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Rubies carry the color ray red, and we know red represents fire, passion and love. It opens the heart allowing the body to receive love and reject fear.

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The beautiful color ray blue is represented here. A blue sky and a clear mental awareness help release brain fog. This is why Sapphire helps clear brain fog too.

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This is a pretty interesting stone. Sodalite protects against the harmful EMF and external negative energy. It is used near computers, or any other strong electronic device.

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Can't remember your dreams? Try this calming and peaceful stone. This is also meditative stone.

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Do you ever wake up feeling as though you have nothing but negative vibes to share? Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. A gemstone therapist may recommend this stone to absorb those emotions associated with mental and emotional needs.

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Here's another stone that may help when going through difficult changes. It opens the mind and heart creating balance.

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Here is a stone specifically for men. Gemstone therapists may use Green Tourmaline for male hormonal balance, protection and healing.

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This is a stone that is specifically used for women. Gemstone therapists may use Pink Tourmaline for female hormonal balance, protection and healing.

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This is stone is for contemplation and introspection. A gemstone therapist may suggest this stone to help see things more openly and with more clarity.

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This is a balancing stone for the emotions and physical body.

Feng Shui Crystal Tips:

Hung in windows, crystals can bring chi energy from the outside into dark or stagnant areas of your home or office, as well as energizing particular sectors for creating desired positive results. For example, a crystal placed in the south-east, north-west, or center of an environment can aid in stimulating prosperity.

Crystals can also be used to diffuse negative or "sha" chi that results from a sharp corner, beam, or hard edged column. By hanging the crystal near these structures, "knives" or "poison arrows" are dulled and their adverse effects are diminished.

For more helpful crystal tips, read the Feng Shui Guide.

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**This web site's goal is to provide you with information that may be useful in attaining optimal health. Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.