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**NOTE -- I write only one (1) Daily Horoscope, which is for all 12 Sun Signs. In this Daily Horoscope I address and interpret every aspect and transit occurring each day. It is only in the Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscopes that are tailored to each of the 12 Sun Signs.

Today's Astro Awareness
Friday - June 23, 2017

All about Scorpio on DrStandley.com

THERE IS A NEW MOON IN CANCER TODAY! If you have been keeping up with the June 2017 Astro-Memes then you already knew there was a New Moon in Cancer today. Also, there are significant changes being made to the Native American Animal Medicine section of this website. Years ago I began moving that information to its own site but it has just proven to be too difficult for me to remember to update it or keep up with it. Look for this graphic in the right hand graphic column or click on the Native American button to the left. Or just click this picture. Native American Animal  Medicine Instinct Through the 12 Sun Signs So all of the information is moving back to this website and by next week the process will be fully complete. In the meantime, the Native American Animal Medicine Instinct Through the Signs is back! Click the link and you will see it updated for this Week of June 19 - 25, 2017. I already have next week's ready to go to be updated on Monday. Yay For You! Also, all of the information I began writing for one of my other website's to teach you how to use your intuition is also being moved over to this website. In this way, I'll be ram-jamming with all kinds of new information to help you build on yourself to build yourself up. Oh it's happenin'!

Daily Horoscopes are calculated by interpretating the relationship (aspect) of one transiting planet to another transiting planet. Think of 'transiting' as if you order something from Amazon and it is 'in route' on a UPS truck, or a USPS mail truck, or its on a cargo ship or it's on a container on a train. It is TRANSITING on the truck, ship or container. When a planet is in a sign, the planet is 'transiting' that sign. When one transiting planet makes a contact with another transiting planet, then it is making a geometrical angle to it, which we call an 'aspect' (trine, sextile, square, opposition, conjunction).

Today there is a lot of action in the cosmos. 1) The Sun transits (moves) into Cancer. 2) The Moon in Taurus trines (aspects) Pluto in Capricorn. 3) Mercury transits (moves) in Cancer. 4) The Sun in Cancer conjuncts (aspects) Mercury in Cancer.

I could say Pluto is transiting Capricorn, but I'll just say, "Pluto in Capricorn". I could say the Sun is transting Cancer, but I'll just say, "The Sun in Cancer". I could say the Moon is transiting Taurus, but I'll just say, "The Sun in Taurus". So a planet in a sign is TRANSITING. A planet making an angle to another planet is ASPECTING. Got it? I'll post this on the main aspect page so that you don't forget it.

On this website I now offer a Monthly Subscription Service for your Daily Horoscopes based on the transits (as they should be). I also offer BIG HUGE MONSTER-SIZE REPORTS called Transits and Progressions. The reason why my Transits and Progressions Reports are so insanely huge and out-of-this-world is because when I calculate the planets for your report, I not only calculate the 'transit to natal' aspects, I also calculate the 'transit to transit' aspects. The 'transit to natal' aspects tell how a transit on any given date is impacting and making contact with your personal natal chart. The 'transit to transit' aspects tell how these aspects are acting to one another and describes the energy for everyone. So you see folks, this is how horoscopes are written. Myself and all other astrologers cannot use every single person's birth information because that would be an impossible feat. So horoscopes are written using a 'transit to transit' and for you personally that is a 'transit to natal'. In the Transits and Progressions that I calculate for you, I include both 'transit to natal' and 'transit to transit'. Do you know why? Because I want you to see how it impacts you personally and then everyone as a whole. I want you to see if its just you, or is it everyone else. I want you to see if you lost your marbles or if everyone else has. This is VERY IMPORTANT. So while my Transits and Progressions may be overwhelming, I can't help it. It's just how I roll. I GO BIG OR GO HOME. I don't know how 'not' to give you all of this information. I don't know how to things small. So that's why you receive a MONSTER-SIZE report with 10 - 15 horsocopes for one single day. In this way you can see how you energy shifts from morning to night. You may not need to look at these reports every single day, but by golly, when something is going down and it is important (on any given date) you want to have the information at hand. Then you can come to this website and read the expanded version of what is going on through the Daily Horoscopes that I write here!

The NEW! Daily Horoscopes through a Monthly Subscription Service for $5.00 are these same reports but they are packaged smaller, one month at a time. These Daily Horoscopes are just what I feel they should be, which is information based on all of the transiting planets that impact your Natal Chart, as well as the 'transits to transits'. Now folks, this is A LOT of information and yields somewhere as many as 10 - 15 individual horoscope offerings 'per day' simply because there are so many factors in play. This is what I call 'real horoscopes'. When me or any other astrologer write a horoscope for each Sun Sign, that still does not make it personal to you because we don't know every person on the planet's birth time, date and location. So horoscopes on a website are still 'in general' and applied to a huge population of people under one Sun Sign. These Daily Horoscopes based on the Transits and Progressions that impact your birth information are the most accurate horoscopes you can get.

In my Daily Horoscopes through the Subscription Service I offer you, these Daily Horoscopes will include the transits of the personal planets as well as the outer planets -- the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. You can still order the much larger version of this for 6 Months at $29.95 or 12 Months at $44.95 or keep it to the Monthly Subscription Service at $5.00 per month, which will the recurring payment option. Daily Horoscope Subscription Service on DrStandley.com In this way you will be see the exact date and time that the Moon (which changes every 2 to 2-1/2 days) or when any of the planets impact your natal chart and cause you ease or conflict. The Monthly Reports that compile your tailored Daily Horoscopes will tell you the exact day, degree, minute and moment of impact, then you can choose how you will respond. And as always, if you have anything that I wrote for you, I welcome you to call if you do not understand. These Daily Horoscopes based on the Transits and Progressions will teach you more about Astrology at the speed of Light years. I don't think anything will speed up your learning quite as fast as these reports. This Report will be e-mailed within 48 hours of ordering the larger reports or the subscription service. Enjoy!~ Stay tuned and Stay Astrologized™

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