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Today's Astro Awareness
Saturday - August 19, 2017

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Well I finally have some hours this morning to give to the New Moon Solar Eclipse write-up. I should have it completed by 8:30 AM EDT. I'm certai you've read more than an eyeful about this Solar Eclipse so I'm really just adding in my 2 cents. Check back here by 8:30 AM EDT and you will see this paragraph change.

I have been receiving phone calls from some new visitors to this website asking questions about their Natal Chart or Solar Return or Saturn Return. I only take questions like that from the people who I have written their chart. It just doesn't seem right that you would call me if someone else wrote your chart. The perk of having me write your Natal Chart or Solar Return is that you are able to call me without me charging you a fee. If your question is more of a 'reading' type then I will let you know, but I answer questions all the time without telling a person they owe me money. I'm really committed to you learning your chart if you purchased one from me. If you don't understand where to look for something in your chart or can't figure out which way it reads or what the hell an aspect means, CALL ME. So for the new visitors, if you have a chart that someone else wrote, then you should probably call the person who wrote your chart because that only seems right. I don't think it's right for me to answer for someone else's writings. If I do not have a chart on file for you, then I have nothing to look at.

Also, yesterday on on one of my Facebook pages I posted that when Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 19, 2017 I will be entering my second Saturn Return. This is what I posted below:

So often we say, "I'm 29 again!" Are you old enough to have lived through one Saturn Return? Saturn returns to the same sign it was in when you born every 29 years. Saturn requires us to grow up, mature, be disciplined, responsible and adopt some self-limitations ... because why? Because we ought to know better, that's why? We aren't 14 anymore! If you are lucky enough, you will live through at least 3 Saturn Returns....from age birth to 29 .... from age 29 to age 58 .... from age 58 to 87 .... or hovering around those ages depending on the date of birth. You can expect a big ol' monster-huge-mega-mondo write-up on this because I will be going through my second Saturn Return when Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 19, 2017 until December 16, 2020. There will be a 3-1/2 month period where Saturn will move into Aquarius but then Saturn will Retrograde and go back into Capricorn. Anyway, I'm pretty excited because during my first Saturn Return is when I decided to go to college. What can I say, "I was a late bloomer!" I went to college and stayed for 8 years full time. I remember feeling the need to GROW UP! Remember, Saturn is a proud papa and wants that bumper sticker on the back of his van that says, "My child is on the honor roll." Will you be on the honor roll with Saturn during your Saturn Return. I feel like Saturn was really Good to me during my first Saturn Return....because I answered the call(ing). Expect that article because I'm excited to write it. In the meantime....check out this Saturn Moving Through The Signs Calendar.

If you are preparing to enter your Saturn Return or you are in your Saturn Return right now with Saturn in Sagittarius, then perhaps a personal phone reading is in order. If you are waiting for another special, I will not be offering any more special offers any time soon. Those specials pretty last through the summer, but that time is over. I adjusted fees in many areas and tossed several products and services off the site. So if you have not checked out the Holistic Shop in a while, then now is Good time.

I'm still searching for the minutes in my day to write something about the eclipse and it looks like I'll have a several hour block of time to do that today. Yay! I will post on social media when it is complete. There is only one major aspect left leading us into the New Moon Solar Eclipse, which is the 2nd New Moon in Leo during Leo season this year. The first New Moon in Leo was back on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 00 degrees 44 minutes (nearly 01 degree) and the second New Moon in Leo will be the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 28 degrees 53 minutes (nearly 29 degrees). Now come on, don't you think this is interesting that 1) - there are two New Moon's in Leo during Leo season and 2) - the first New Moon in Leo was just shy of the the first degree (01 degree) and the second New Moon in Leo is just shy of the last degree (29 degrees) and 3 - Mercury in Virgo is Retrograde and will retrograde far enough back in degrees that it re-enters Leo and takes us back to the same degrees it was on July 23, 2017, which was the date of the first New Moon in Leo. Now folks, if you don't think all of this is significant for your Natal Chart or Solar Return then I don't know what else to tell you. Except that this looks like Divine Opportunity to me. You do not want to miss this opportunity to 'get the get' of what this means for you personally. Study your charts or if you are ready to move forward with a personal phone reading and put all the pieces into place, then let's do this crazy thing. I just find these degrees fascinating and the bouncing of energies off each other is priceless. Stay tuned and Stay Astrologized™

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