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Daily Awakenings September 2016 with Dr. Standley

Daily Awakenings with Dr. Standley

Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

The last Daily Awakening was, You Complete Me written on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

This morning my Musical DLG™ (Musical Download from God™) was 'Listen To What The Man Said' by Paul McCartney and Wings. As you may know by now, every morning without fail I wake up hearing a song play outside of my head, as if the radio is playing, but yet it is not. There are lots of times when I hear a song where it seems as though through the lyrics God and I are having a conversation. This song is just like that. I don't know about you, but many times I have referred to God as 'The Man' or Jesus as 'The Man'. So when I hear this song, that's where my mind immediately goes. Upon investigating the meaning of this song from the writer's point of view, the belief is that Love will prevail and Love will conquer all because that is what 'The Man' (God) said. So yeah, God is the unidentified Man in this song.

As I laid there reflecting on the lyrical banter between myself and God, I began thinking about different forms of Love and how different my Love might look to others and how different their Love might look to me. My Scorpion King and I have this basic understanding and agreement with one another, which states that we should always remain aware of one another and help make each other's Life easier. Sounds like the set-up that any relationship would have, but as we all know, relationships are not that simple. Some relationships seem like all they do is give you a hard time. We really do try to keep our relationship rules simple, which requires the follow-through of basic rules that we learned in Kindergarten, "Be nice!" or "Hey you Love me, don't talk to me like that! Did you forget? You Love me!" Since we agreed to combine our lives and energies seven years ago and live under the same roof, then it only sounded reasonable to remind ourselves that we should be each others helpmate. That's what 'The Man' said. Why else would two people in their mid-to-late 50's combine their lives? Well it wouldn't be to make each other's Life harder, that's for sure. Typical statements that we might use are, "How can I help?" or "What can I do to help?" And then there is the old standby, "Do you need any help?" DANG, just hearing that from the other person makes all the difference in the world. Many times we will both respond with a "No" because we are both very independent people (whew, cause maybe I didn't want to help anyway), but just hearing the offer of assistance lets the other one know that their effort and hard work is acknowledged and has not gone unnoticed. Ahhh, the affirmation and recognition part of the relationship expressing Love. That's what The Man said. This eagerness to assist the other really works for us. If two heads really are better than one, then by golly, we got this, because that's what 'The Man' said.

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Daily Awakenings with Dr. Standley

Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Last Daily Awakening, The Invisible, Made Visible

This morning my Musical DLG™ (Musical Download from God™) was 'Somebody That I Used To Know' by Gotye. As you may know by now, every morning without fail I wake up hearing a song play outside of my head, as if the radio is playing, but yet it is not. I find it interesting that this particular tune slid into my world on the day I was posting about the New Moon in Libra, which is all about relationships, marriage, commitment, agreements, contractual unions and negotiations. I don't make a practice of listening to sad Love songs, especially if they might inflict some sort of emotional self-torture. I just don't do that. I like myself a bit too much to slide down the sad and lonely Love song path. For Goodness sake, I have a cold Capricorn Moon, how could I possibly go there and wallow in self-pity? Sheryl Crowe's song, 'My Favorite Mistake' is a catchy little tune that I can sing along with, but once I start forming images to the lyrics all I can say is, "Ewwwwww!" and then you will see me switch channels pretty quick. Relationship torture is something I can't do for too long because I'm not that kind of strong. I'm the kind of strong that shows up in the form of willpower and makes me hit the channel changer. (winky wink)

This morning's Musical DLG™ reminded me of a conversation I once had with a friend about a former long-term relationship. It wasn't any of the pathetic poor-me-syndrome lyrics in the song that brought back the memory, it was more the title of the song that did it. My friend and I both had relationships that ended right at about the same time. This was way back in 1999. The conversation took place quite a while after our split when my friend asked me if I ever saw my ex around town. I responded, "Nope." After all, we only lived a couple of miles apart. We still shopped at the same grocery store. We still worked out at the same gym. We drove the same streets and still ate at the same restaurants, but yet we never ran into each other. I only knew this because my friend felt like I needed to know where and when he saw my ex. Then he told me how he sees his ex everywhere. No matter where he goes, there she is, the ex! She was everywhere! It appears my friend was addicted to sadness. I don't believe that just because you run into your ex that it means you are supposed to get back together again, nor does it mean you are supposed to sleep together again. And it certainly isn't proof that you are soulmates. It may just prove how far you have come. But, I guess it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Then he asked how me and my ex can go about our lives after 12 years together and never run into each other, especially being in such close proximity, but yet he can't go anywhere without seeing his ex. I simply said, "We don't need to see each other. We aren't hung up on each other. It's done. We are complete."

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Daily Awakenings with Dr. Standley

[Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2016]


Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Last Daily Awakening, The Invisible, Made Visible

This morning my Musical DLG™ (Musical Download from God™) was 'Living in the Past' by Jethro Tull. As you may know by now, every morning without fail I wake up hearing a song play outside of my head, as if the radio is playing, but yet it is not. When I heard this tune play I laid there for a bit with a giggle and a smirk. I knew exactly what this song was about and the message I was to deliver. This song always reminds me of this big event that I went to where one evening everyone was sitting around contemplating Life and how it 'should be' lived. You know, the whole carbon footprint conversation. I could hardly stand the conversation one more second before I finally had to ask everyone how they arrived at our destination. Well they all flew on an airplane of course, half-way across the damn country! Then I said, "Well what do you think the total carbon footprint of this event is?" I challenged that if they were truly committed to reducing their carbon footprint and standing in their belief system, the entire event would have looked a lot different. Look, I didn't ride my bicycle there either, I flew as well, but I was determined to point out the flaw in their argument of how Life 'should be' lived according to their standards.

Back to the song, I remember looking up the meaning of this song years ago and reading how much Ian Anderson (lead singer, songwriter and flautist) for Jethro Tull could not stand this song. He was pressured to write a sort of pop tune so he writes this song in a rather whimsical 5/4 time signature and lo' and behold it becomes a hit. He was not only rejecting the music culture of the time, he was rebelling against the idealists who preached Love and peace during a time of war (1969) who then stood up and stomped their feet in revolution with their fists in the air. So eh, what's it gonna be, Love and peace or revolution with fists in the air? He had a sense that the people had no idea what the hell they believed or what they were stomping their feet about. That is the same way I felt with the individuals at that event. Their desire to live in some sort of fairytale utopia didn't hold water because their actions on so many levels did not match the dream. How could they possibly reach Nirvana in real Life if they couldn't even stick to the so called 'belief'? I guess it's no different for us today living in the present, as it was back then with them living in the past. We are all still being challenged to embrace Love and peace, while being surrounded with rebellion and protest.


by Jethro Tull

Lyrics below the video

Happy and I'm smiling

Walk a mile to drink your water

You know I'd love to love you

And above you there's no other

We'll go walking out

While others shout of war's disaster

Oh, we won't give in

Let's go living in the past

Once I used to join in

Every boy and girl was my friend

Now there's revolution, but they don't know

What they're fighting

Let us close our eyes

Outside their lives go on much faster

Oh, we won't give in

We'll keep living in the past

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Daily Awakenings with Dr. Standley

[Posted Monday, September 26, 2016]


Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Last Daily Awakening, Duality and Clair-Syncing

This morning my Musical DLG™ (Musical Download from God™) was 'Days Go By' by Lifehouse. Every morning without fail I wake up hearing a song play outside of my head, as if the radio is playing, yet it is not. It feels great to type out another Daily Awakening because I know God gives them to me to share with you. Whenever I hear this song, it serves to remind me that I am a producer. Nothing, and I mean nothing will creep my crawl more than being unproductive. Yesterday I started rolling into a really bad day feeling that my work was all for naught. After a juvenile-like hissy fit full of tears, my Scorpion King (fiance) suggested we go for a long bike ride. It's our thing. When we returned home, we threw three games of horseshoes and my head was back in business.

At the end of each day it is vital to my existence to know, and show, that I have produced something. It's the way I roll. I enjoy knowing that I produced something, anything. It's not part of my physical or spiritual DNA not to produce. That doesn't mean I can't relax because I can drop what I'm doing instantly to run off and play, which in turn produces a better me. At the same time, it's not in me to just sit back and watch my days go by without producing. I Love knowing that a single thought can turn into something tangible. It's wildly awesome when you think about it. Something didn't exist, but now it does because I thought of something and took action on it. I can't just plunk down and not produce. That's just too heavy and lethargic for my hyped up spirit. Being a thinker and a producer is what I do.

I get a real charge out of taking something created in spirit (with Spirit) and manifesting it into a physical thing. Now that's co-Creation! I look at my websites and remember when they were just a thought that morphed into an idea. Ahhhh, the beginning stages of production. It blows my mind that what I have created here is not at all a physical thing. It's not even tangible. You can't hold my websites in your hand, eat them, wear them or drink them. You can't sit on them, lay on them or climb on them because they aren't physical substance, but somehow I have managed to make them palpable. That just intrigues the heck out of me. Cyberspace, the invisible made visible substance. And to think, I actually think for a living.

This song is one that I often have set on repeat on my iPhone while in a moving meditation, which would be exercising, laundry, dishes or walking around the property. The song speaks for itself. It stimulates me 'as a producer' and I'm hoping maybe it will stimulte you too. Enjoy!~

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Now get out there.  Go play yourself UP! and practice being you.  ~Dr. Loretta Standley

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